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Alan Grant/Billy Brennan Slash

An Alan/Billy Slash Community
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This is a slash community for fans of Alan Grant/Billy Brennan from Jurassic Park III. If you are underage in the country you reside, or you do not like slash (M/M), then this community is not for you.

Please feel free to post any of the following:

  • Fan fiction (slash or gen fic only - so long as Alan and Billy are the main focus.)

  • Fan art

  • Discussion about Alan/Billy and Jurassic Park III

  • Icons

  • Webpages

  • Essays

  • Simple and fair rules:

  • All ratings are welcome, but fan fiction and fan art must be behind an LJ-cut.

  • No off-topic posts - they will be deleted.

  • Please respect all members. That means no flaming or harassment. Offenders will be removed from the community immediately.

  • If you have questions or comments please contact the mod. :)

    Disclaimer: Billy Brennan, Dr. Alan Grant, and Jurassic Park belong to Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. No money is being made by the existence of this community and all contents within.

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