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NC17 Slash: Living for the Future - Primeval:NW/JP3

Title: Living for the Future
Author: Tarlan (tarlanx)
Fandom: JP3, Primeval: New World
Characters/Pairings: Evan Cross/Howard Kanan, Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash, graphic violence
Genre: romance, action, adventure
Word Count: ~17,200
Notes/Warnings: Dinosaur attacks, deaths
Summary: An alert gives Evan fresh hope for Howard after five long months, but he'll need help from Alan Grant and Billy Brennan if he is to rescue Howard before he is killed by the creatures inhabiting InGen's dinosaur islands.

Written for: smallfandombang Round 6

Link to fic master post:


Hi guys! I've made a small picspam, hope you will like it.

While I was doing it I realised just how slashy those caps are. Just look at how they stare at each other. So much adoration.

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Hello everyone I'm really sorry if I am royally messing up with any of this, I have next to no idea how livejournal works so I'm kind of wingin' it here, and hoping it's similar to a tumblr text post.
Anyway, I recently got back into JP, after watching them all for the first time in years and, naturally, fell in love with Alan/Billy. So, I'm really pleased to have found this community!
I quickly whipped up some A/B fanart as a peace offering and an apology for if I've done anything wrong hah. Enjoy!

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